Quests » Act I

Reign of the Black King

Put an end to the Skeleton King to free New Tristram from his army of the dead.

Start location

New Tristram, talk to Deckard Cain.

I have the crown. How do I reach the Skeleton King?
Deckard Cain
At last. With it, you can unlock the sealed door in the room where you rescued me and enter the royal crypts. When you find the Skeleton King, place the crown atop his head... and destroy him.

The Skeleton King dies today, I must find the fallen star.


▪ Use the New Tristram Waypoint to return to the Cathedral Garden

▪ Enter Leoric's Passage

▪ Go to the Cathedral Level 2 through the Ornate Door

▪ Descend through the Cathedral (Go to the Cathedral Level 3)

▪ Give aid to the Warrior

Who are you?
You will know soon enough. Help me find my gear. I will reward you well.

▪ Find the Warrior's stolen items

▪ Find and kill Jondar

▪ Join the Templar

Thank you for your aid. I will go with you on your hunt for the Skeleton King, but there is one condition.
If we find the sacred tomes of my order, they are mine.

That is agreeable. Though I wouldn't mind taking a look at them...
Then onwards we go to fight the Skeleton King.

▪ Search for the Royal Crypts

▪ Find the Crypt of the Skeleton King

▪ Enter the Crypt of the Skeleton King

▪ Kill the Returned

▪ Kill the Skeleton King

▪ Place Leoric's Crown on the Skeleton King

▪ Enter the Desolate Chamber

▪ Talk to the Stranger in the Desolate Chamber

It was you that fell from the sky? I don't believe that you are the source of the evil in this place.
The Stranger
I am... I-I was... I... I remember falling.

Then who are you? Why are you here?
The Stranger
I am not your enemy. I think... Yes, I-I believe... I have come with a warning.
The Stranger
The darkness... the darkness... is coming! I must... I don't remember...

I should bring you back to town. Cain will know what to do with you.

▪ Return to New Tristram

▪ Talk to Deckard Cain

This is what fell out of the sky.
Deckard Cain
No man could survive such a thing... Who are you? Who are you?
The Stranger
A warrior, I think... I came bearing grave news, but I cannot remember...
Deckard Cain
Your message might be all that can save us from impending doom.

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Sword of the Stranger