Quests » Act I

Return to New Tristram

The fallen angel is Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice. Meet him in New Tristram to set out for the great city of Caldeum.

Start location

Cells of the Condemned, talk to Tyrael.

You have restored my mind, friend, and now I remember the warning I came to deliver.
Belial and Azmodan, the last Lords of Hell, are unleashing a tide of darkness that will drown this world. Already, Belial's shadow has fallen upon Caldeum.

Belial? I look forward to killing a Lord of Hell; should be an interesting battle.
We must move quickly. Let us return to Tristram and make ready.


▪ Talk to Tyrael in New Tristram

Time grows short, my friends. Even now, Belial's influence is spreading through Caldeum.
But how will we find him?
We won't have to. Maghda and her coven will lead us straight to him.
I'm not going anywhere until Uncle Deckard's been laid to rest.

Yes, Cain deserves to be honored before we hunt down his killers.
I have called for a caravan to guide us to the east. Speak to the caravan master when you are ready to go. We will see to Cain as we depart.

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Shadows in the Desert