Quests » Act I

The Broken Blade

Find a way to retrieve the second piece of the Stranger's sword from the ancient ruins known as the Drowned Temple.

Start location

New Tristram, talk to Leah.

Maghda taunted me, claiming to know where the next piece is. She said it fell where only ancients may tread.
That makes me think of the Drowned Temple near the Festering Woods. I remember you telling me about it, Uncle.
Deckard Cain
Exactly, Leah. The temple was home of the nephalem.
Deckard Cain
Leah, your knowledge could be invaluable. You must go and help our friend retrieve the sword piece.


▪ Go to the Drowned Temple (Talk to the Scoundrel at the Old Mill)

Thieves are going to kill my friend if we don't do something! Help me break these bonds, and see for yourself!
What a terribly strange man.

▪ Follow the Scoundrel

▪ Talk to the Brigand

Release the girl. The relic belongs to her.
You actually believe what this scoundrel tells you?
Fine, you fools. We'll kill the both of you!

▪ Kill the Brigands (including Nigel Cutthroat)

▪ Speak with the Scoundrel

Here's the relic, my love. I hid it like you asked. Father's grown suspicious of us, but that won't matter once we're married. It won't be long, right?
Of course, my dear! Soon we will settle down to a quiet life of tilling the fields and raising brats... uh... children. But first, I have to sell this relic! Alas, I must travel away with my friend here to do so.

▪ Take the Scoundrel north to the waypoint

▪ Go to the Drowned Temple

▪ Talk to Alaric

You must be Alaric the guardian... Uncle Deckard told me of your eternal watch over this cursed place. I thought it was a myth!
Are you nephalem?
No. There have been no nephalem for a millennium.
Hah! Yet another myth. You seek entrance to this temple, but only a nephalem can enter. If you retrieve the keys from the outlying tombs and use them on the gates, we will see who... and what... you truly are.

▪ Go to the Festering Woods

▪ Retrieve the Beacon of Honor from the Warrior's Rest

▪ Retrieve the Beacon of Light from the Crypt of the Ancients

▪ Beacons placed on Pedestals (2)

▪ Enter the Drowned Temple

▪ Explore the Temple

▪ Kill Ezek the Prophet and the skeletons

▪ Talk to Alaric in the Drowned Temple

Your strength rivals that of our greatest champions. What now do you think you are?

▪ Secure the Glowing Sword Shard

The noble hero fought his way here just to die.

And who is this you bring with you? Adria's daughter? She has... power within her.

▪ Get the Glowing Sword Shard

▪ Return the Glowing Sword Shard to New Tristram

Next quest

The Doom in Wortham