Quests » Act I

The Doom in Wortham

Retrieve the third and final piece of the Stranger's sword from Wortham before the Coven lays claim to it.

Start location

New Tristram, talk to The Stranger.

We were only a step ahead of Maghda, but now we have the second sword piece.
The Stranger
I remember a glow streaking towards... a fishing village.
That must be Wortham!
Deckard Cain
Ah... Brilliant, dear Leah! Have the ferryman take you there.


▪ Talk to the Ferryman

I need to take the ferry to Wortham.
I will take you. But beware: smoke rises from the village.

▪ Travel to the center of Wortham

▪ Kill the Cultists outside the chapel

▪ Kill Urzel Mordreg

▪ Kill the Dark Bererker (3)

▪ Talk to the Priest

I seek a sword hilt that fell from the sky. It glows with a powerful magic. Do you know of it?
We found it days ago. I wish we'd never brought it here.
Come, I left Virgil to guard it. We will be glad to be rid of it.

▪ Enter the Wortham Chapel Cellar

▪ Search for the Sword Hilt

While you were on your hero's errand here, I captured all three sword pieces and your friends.

▪ Enter Cain's House in New Tristram

Next quest

Trailing the Coven