Quests » Act I

The Fallen Star

A star has fallen in New Tristram. Protect the town from the vile dead that have risen since it fell.


▪ Kill the risen dead attacking the gates

▪ Talk to Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn

Are you Leah? Rumford said you survived the fallen star.
I did. But it blasted my uncle, Deckard Cain, into the depths of the old cathedral. I tried to search for him, but the dead were already rising.
I came back here to rally the militia, but th---

▪ Kill the Risen

▪ Talk to Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn

The dead will overwhelmus all unless something is done.

I will make certain that doesn't happen. Your town is safe.
Thank you. You should speak with Captain Rumford at the gate. He can tell you what to do.

▪ Talk to Captain Rumford at the gate to New Tristram

What can I do to help you fight the risen dead?
Captain Rumford
I admire your courage, but Captain Daltyn and the militia were slaughtered by those things. Only I survided.

Thanks for the warning, but I won't be dying today.
Captain Rumford
Well, I have seen you fight... Strike at the wretched mothers and their queen. They're the ones vomiting out these... Horrors.

▪ Kill the Wretched Mother

▪ Kill the Wretched Queen in the Old Ruins

▪ Bonus: Wretched Mothers Killed (3)

▪ Use the Old Ruins Waypoint

▪ Talk to Captain Rumford in New Tristram

Captain Rumford
Thank you for your help. But, could you talk some sense into Leah? She won't give up on the idea of rescueing her uncle.

Nor should she. I will help her find him.

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