Quests » Act V

The Harbinger

Confront Malthael's lieutenant, Urzael, who leads the attack on Westmarch.

Start location

The Survivors' Enclave, talk to Tyrael.

Look, the sliver is changing.

Malthael is doing something to the Black Soulstone.
Exactly. He's been gathering strength from the souls of Westmarch in order to alter the stone. Yet, his purpose still eludes me.
He's killing everyone. What more do you need to know?

We cannot stop him unless we know what he is planning to do next.
Urzael has done this to finish collecting the souls of Westmarch!

Urzael. It is time for him to die---where is he?
All I know is that he is in a tower somewhere in the Westmarch Heights. And that he will be quite rude to you.


▪ Enter Westmarch Heights

▪ Find the Tower of Korelan

▪ Bonus: Maidens of Flame killed (3)

▪ Kill Urzael

The demonspawn shall perish in flames.

▪ Talk to Malthael

Spirit of Malthael
Nephalem... I will bring an end to conflict. In death, there is peace.

▪ Return to the Survivors' Enclave

▪ Talk to Tyrael

Urzael is dead. His reapers should be easy prey now.
You have saved Westmarch, my friend.

But we still do not know why Malthael wants the stone, and he grows stronger by the moment. We are running out of time.

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