The Three Guardians

Start location

The Ruins of Sescheron


▪ Destroy the Ceremonial Khazra Drum

▪ Kill Talos, Warlord of the North

▪ Slay Talos' warriors

▪ Slay Mawdol, Hunter of the North

▪ Slay Mawdol's acolytes

▪ Slau Korbal, Chief Shaman of the North

▪ Slay Korbal's hunting party

▪ Kill the Ghost of Talos

▪ Kill the Ghost of Mawdol

▪ Kill the Ghost of Korbal

▪ Slay the ghostly followers of the guardians


DifficultyXP ReceivedGold Received
Torment V15,859,375118,125