Quests » Act V

The Witch

A vision from the Mystic reveals that Adria is the only one who can find Malthael. Hunt her down in the marsh outside Westmarch to learn what she knows and to settle an old score.

Start location

The Survivors' Enclave, talk to Myriam.

Celdo, I know how to find Malthael. But you will not like what I have to tell you.

Tell me.
There is only one person who knows how to find Malthael. She waits for you in the Blood Marsh, and you know her well: Adria.



▪ Find the entrance to Tomb of Rakkis in the Overgrown Ruins

▪ Kill the enraged boggits

▪ Search for the Nephalem Guidestone in the Blood Marsh

Lorath Nahr
The guidestones are useless to most, but will reveal the correct path to a nephalem such as yourself.
Lorath Nahr
This was just one entrance to the city. There are guidestones littered across the Blood Marsh that will lead us to the main one.

▪ Use the Nephalem Guidestone in the Blood Marsh

▪ Use the Nephalem Guidestone to find the passage to the Ruins of Corvus

▪ Find the entrance to the Great Hall

Lorath, this is as fare as you go. Catch up to me when it is done.
Lorath Nahr
You're going to kill her, aren't you?

I will do what is right.
Lorath Nahr
We are all counting on you.

▪ Kill Adria

▪ Talk to Lorath Nahr

Before she died, Adria conjured an image of Pandemonium.
Lorath Nahr
She was searching for Malthael---so he must be there!

▪ Talk to Tyrael in the Survivor's Enclave

Now we know: Malthael is in Pandemonium.
No doubt he has gone to the fortress.
Malthael can hold out there until the end of time. He is forcing us to come to him.
He is a coward. Hiding until he has enough power to confront me.
The only way to Pandemonium is through the High Heavens. Let us leave at once.

Next quest

The Pandemonium Gate