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Trailing the Coven

The Coven has killed Deckard Cain and taken the angel who fell from the sky. Hunt them down and make them pay for their actions.

Start location

New Tristram, talk to Leah.

If only I could control this... power. I could have saved him.

Do not blame yourself. Maghda is the one who must pay for Cain's death.
Maghda... and her master, Belial. The journal speaks of "an angel falling from the Heavens as the shadow rises from the Abyss." The Stranger is the key to all of this!

I don't know if he is an angel or a man, but the sword will restore his memory.
When my power... erupted. I saw into Maghda's mind for an instant. She's fled to the Highlands. You can reach them through the caves above Wortham. You have to know she'll be waiting for you.


▪ Enter the Caverns of Araneae above Wortham

▪ Search for the Chamber of Queen Araneae

▪ Talk to woman trapped in the web

▪ Kill Queen Araneae

▪ Harvest the Pool of Venom in the Chamber of Queen Araneae

▪ Free Karyna with the venom

▪ Go out into the Highlands Crossing

▪ Talk to Karyna

It was terrible, being stuck in there like that. Thank the gods you came along. What are you doing out here?

I seek a man taken by the Coven.
The Coven? I saw them dragging someone into Leoric's manor house; perhaps it was the man you seek. Uhh... you might have a small bit of trouble reaching there, though.
I'm not proud of this, but I stole the staff of a powerfull khazra shaman. The khazra went mad and chased me to the caves.
You can find the staff in my cart in the Highlands. If you take it to the khazra barricade, perhaps they will let you pass.

▪ Find the Khazra Staff (Find Karyna's Lost Wagon)

▪ Approach the Khazra barricade

▪ Find Leoric's Manor Courtyard

▪ Enter Leoric's Manor

▪ Explore Leoric's Manor

▪ Kill the cultists


DifficultyXP ReceivedGold Received
Torment X44,587,500212,700

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